Water Scarcity


Much of the world does NOT have access to clean drinking water.  In fact, consider the following:

  • In the developing world, 24,000 children under the age of five die every day from preventable causes like diarrhea… contracted from unclean water.  That’s 8,760,000 children every year.
  • In just one day, more than 200 million hours of women’s time is consumed for the most basic of human needs…  collecting water for domestic use.
  • 3.3 Million people die from water related illnesses each year.
  • 5 to 20 Million people die from hunger and starvation each year, largely due to lack of clean drinking water.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to enable and inspire the needy people of developing countries by partnering with their communities to implement water purification and distribution systems.

While focusing on our mission, Agua Viva International intends to train and equip our partnering communities to install, maintain, and operate Lving Waters for the World (LWftW) water purification systems.  Typically, partnering communities have a strong supply of water but it is highly contaminated.  Water supplies are almost always contaminated with bacteria, parasites, and suspended contamination.
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Celebration 2016

Agua Viva’s CELEBRATION 2016 was held on November 17, 2016, and it was a huge success.  With over 275 constituents in attendance, our Celebration exceeded all expectations.  Our net income from our fund raiser was $40,248.56, and our Board of Directors wants to extend their heartfelt gratitude for everyone’s support and hard work.  It was simply amazing!

Today, Agua Viva has already started planning our next Celebration.  Please keep in mind any Silent Auction Items you can think of and if you would like to help plan our upcoming event, please let me know.  Just email me:  jim@aguavivainternational.org

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